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What the Pet Passport looks like


These are pages from one our pet passports. Click on each one for a bigger picture. It hopefully is helpful to see the pages completed by the overseas vet so you know what to expect.

The front cover of the Pet Passport.  It has an ID number, just as ours do.

The front cover of the Pet Passport. It has an ID number, just as ours do.

This page shows the details of the dog's owner.

This page shows the details of the dog\’s owner.

These two pages record the details of the dog including its chip number.

These two pages record the details of the dog including its chip number.

These pages record the dates the rabies innoculation was given to the dog.

These pages record the dates the rabies innoculation was given to the dog.

This page records the UK vet's confirmation that a satisfactory result of the rabies blood sample has been received.

This page records the UK vet\’s confirmation that a satisfactory result of the rabies blood sample has been received.

This page is completed by your UK vet to record the dog's annual boosters.

This page is completed by your UK vet to record the dog\’s annual boosters.

This page was completed by the French vet to record the DATE and TIME of the tick treatment.  It must be stamped and signed by the vet.

This page was completed by the French vet to record the DATE and TIME of the tick treatment. It must be stamped and signed by the vet.

This page was completed by the French vet to record the DATE and TIME of the worming treatment.  It must be stamped and signed by the vet.

This page was completed by the French vet to record the DATE and TIME of the worming treatment. It must be stamped and signed by the vet.

This page was completed by the French vet to confirm the dog was fit for travel.

This page was completed by the French vet to confirm the dog was fit for travel.

According to the French vet, this page is not used under the scheme.  It wasn't checked at Pet Control.

According to the French vet, this page is not used under the scheme. It wasn\’t checked at Pet Control.


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80 Responses to “What the Pet Passport looks like”

  1. Sharon Brock says:

    Hi, I hope that you can help me. I’m getting my dog prepared in France to come over to the UK. What paperwork needs to accompany the passport?
    Do they check the microchip documents or do they only scan the chip and check it with the no. in the passport. I’m so worried that I’m going to get it wrong. The only paperwork I have is the passport with rabies vaccination stamp, and the blood test certificate, is this sufficient?

    • Editor says:

      We are only ever asked for the pet passport – it is their key for travel. The dogs’ chips are checked against the recorded chip information in the passport and the veterinary stamps within it to show that they have been treated for ticks and worms and had their general health checked within the 24 to 48 hour time period before the travel into the UK. To be honest, when we’ve travelled to France, I have carried their individual innoculation certificates and chip certificates with me but for what reason I don’t know! The only place the rabies vaccination is recorded is in the passport and that’s what counts. To put your mind at rest, before you leave the vet when your pet has had his/her tick and worm treatment, double and triple check that the vet has stamped and signed the correct pages in the correct place and written the correct time of treatment. Good luck and don’t worry!

  2. Mary says:

    What a fabulous blog – thank you so much.

    When the (French) vet stamps the PETs passport to say the dog is fit for travel does he date stamp it?

    Thanks again!

    • Editor says:

      Thanks for kind comment. Yes – the vet puts date, time, vet stamp and signature on the passport. The time/date stamp is critical to show you are inside the 24-48 hour window.

  3. Carol says:

    wonderful information…as one of our dogs was recently diagnosed with diabetes we feel we can’t leave him with family when we go on hols so we are looking at buying a camper and taking the dogs on holidays with us. ….they go everywhere with us at home but this will be a first for them leaving the country…. Do you know if the information you have included with regards to passport etc also applies to travelling from Ireland? thanks again for a great blog

    • Editor says:

      Happy you found the information useful. I’m afraid we don’t know re Ireland. Suggest finding your equivalent of DEFRA and start there (or ask your vet). Campervans are the only way to travel!

  4. k says:

    i live in spain but i am moving back to the uk in 6 weeks my dog has the rabies stamp on the blood sample page but someone told me i need the test results to prove this. i dont have this as i moved house and vet.

    will it stop the process?

  5. Mary Lou says:

    Hi….I’m planning to bring my dogs in few weeks and i have everything except the waiting time of 6 months after the blood test results.
    Does anyone have waited 6 months before doing the passport and bringing dogs in UK?
    please answer me i really need this info…thanks

  6. Lulacat says:

    Mary Lou,
    At present, there is still the 6th month waiting period after Rabies jab 🙁
    The law changes on 1st Jan 2012, where you can have your pet vaccinated against Rabies and travel 21 days after – no need for the 6 month wait 🙂
    This means you may get your pet vaccinated 21 days BEFORE 1st Jan, and travel.
    Hope this helps

    • Ken M says:

      Unfortunately some of this info is not quite right.
      You can travel ok after 21 days – HOWEVER,
      the important date is not the DATE OF VACCINATION but the date when the results of all clear is given.
      We fell foul of this on returning to uk by 1 day only! We were calculating from the vaccination date and not the date of the RESULTS of the vaccination.
      A very important point

      • Editor says:

        Perhaps you’re referring to the old pet travel scheme where a blood test was required to verify the rabies vacc was present in the animal. Under the new rules (as laid out early on our site), there is now no blood test. The dog is chipped, then given the rabies jab, then can travel after 21 days. Much simpler. But the blood test is still required for travel into the UK from unlisted countries ie those not covered by the scheme so care must be taken re dates if that’s where you’re travelling from. Our site tends only to focus on our experiences of travel within countries which fall within the scheme.

  7. k says:

    this information has been so helpful and has put my mind at ease.

    thank you very much.

  8. Missis Wilderness says:

    Fantastic – this is just what I was looking for as one of mine has his chip still registered to the rescue he came from and it is turning into a bit of a nightmare trying to get it changed over. And as I’ve never seen a pet passport and am hopefully soon going to be the proud owner of 6 it really helps!
    Roll on the 1st January too I say. As we won’t be coming back into the country before then I don’t need to bother with the blood test.

  9. Nikki says:

    Hi there

    My dog has been living in Germany since Nov 2010 – having come from South Africa and I am now going to fetch her and bring her back to the UK through Calais.

    My concern is that the microchip is not registered to my home address in the UK, do you think I need to get this information changed to my home address in the UK before I bring her in/


  10. SONIA says:

    Hi evryone,

    hope you can help. We are bringing our sponsored dog from Spain, after January, 2012. The question is, the microchip will still have the Spanish shelter details on it, so should the PET PASSPORT, have my current address in the Uk, or should indead, have the two addresses ( Spanish shelter address, and my current address in the UK)? is the microchip is still with the old details, will this be a problem, before even entering France?


    Many thanks,

    Sonia B

  11. Tina says:

    I too have a spanish cat who is now with me in England! She has all the micro chips and jabs but all her paperwork relates to an address we no longer have in Spain. I have translated the “certificacion” which suggests they will only accept change of details from some one with diligencia.
    Does any one now if I can change it is Spain or get it changed to an English data base. I do not mind she has a Spanish passport it is just the information on the chip.

  12. Nicole says:

    Hi I’m traveling my 2 dogs by ferry from Ireland to Britain on the 5th december leaving at 8.30am and then from Portsmouth to Bilbao on the 6th December leaving at 4.30pm. The problem I have is that if I worm them 24 hours before they leave Ireland then they will have passed the necessary period (48h) before I get on the second ferry. Have you any thoughts on how I can deal with this or if between Ireland and the uk I need to worm them? There is a possibility of me traveling over night but I would prefer to rest them in between each ferry. Great site here. Thanks!

    • Editor says:

      Hi. You only need to worry about timing with regard to coming into the UK. There is unrestricted travel to Ireland from UK so you only need to time it from Bilbao to UK. Happy trip

  13. Lita says:

    Does anyone know if it matters if the microchip is done the same day as the rabies vaccination? Has anyone had experience with that? I am bringining in two cats next year and I am totally stressed out about it.

  14. Gary says:

    Dear Sir / Madam , I have a question . I am thinking to return to the uk from latvia . I know under the rules 1 jan 2012 I do not need the 6 months quarrentine but must have my 2 cats chipped , vaccinated against rabies and the blood tests results recorded in the eu approved pet passport. I must have them wormed and treated against ticks/fleas. and also have a medical check to give them a 48 hr fitness to travel. We will transport them in a approved pet carrier that has food and water trays fitted and travel by an approved route to an approved port of entry to the UK . As we are driving to the uk , we would like to bring them with us but , the journey will take 72 hours at least as we may stop in a hotel guesthouse over night so, my question is if after 48 hrs , say in Germany,Belguim , Holland or France can I take my 2 cats to a local approved vet and get the required ticks/worm and fitness to travel restamped for the 2 half of the journey . Our 2 cats mean a lot to us so , I wonder of you could kindly shed some light on this for us . I thankyou for any advice and infornation you can give us …Many Thanks and Kind Regards Gary Ward.

    • Editor says:

      Hi Gary. I must refer you to DEFRA on this – visit their website or give them a ring. The reason for this is that cats, dogs and ferrets all need the rabies vacc, chip and passport but the rules then seem to vary with regard to tapeworm treatment. We are unfamiliar with what is needed for cats so you MUST check with DEFRA. Sorry we can’t help. Good luck.

  15. maria forde says:

    Hi, hope you can help! I just want confirmation that we are doing the right thing…. We are travelling from spain to the uk later this month with our dog – she has her passport with microchip stamp and rabies stamp – i know she doesnt need the blood test or the tick treatment anymore but she still needs the worming treatment at the vets between 5 to1 days before arrival – when we take her to the vet for her worming tablet will this be when they sign and stamp the clinical examination section as well? is this something that must be done could they refuse our dog travel if not done?
    Any help would be great – many thanks 🙂

    • Editor says:

      Hi. Yes. The vet will check the dog’s health, give the tapeworm medication and then complete the relevant information in the passport including the date and time. This information will be stamped and signed by the vet. He or she will also complete a page to confirm that the dog is fit for travel. You can’t make the crossing without this having been done.

  16. Mark says:

    Nice site – looks very pretty.

    It’s ironic that while the news is filled with stories about lax UK border controls for humans we’re making our pets jump through all these metaphorical hoops to travel with us.

    Found the info on here very useful – thanks.

  17. Annie says:

    Hi, maybe you can help me, I’m confused! I plan to travel to Spain from UK this year with my 4 small dogs. Does the ‘Fitness for Travel’ section of the Pet Passport need completing to leave UK and enter Spain? Must the pet passport show a photo of my dog or not? I assume optional also means optional for the Spain – I’m fearful the Spanish authorities may be picky? Any advice. Also, is there any other documentation needed in addition to the Pet Passport, as I’ve read some conflicting information on the internet.

    • Editor says:

      The Pet Passport is ONLY relevant for entry into the UK (including the Fitness for Travel) – it is a requirement by the UK Government only. Your passport will not be looked at except for your re-entry into the UK. Dog photo is not necessary – ID is purely by chip. No other documentation is required ….. just the passport.

  18. Debbie says:

    What a great site, we are thinking about taking our 2 dogs to france with the caravan next summer and have found it all quite daunting. Can you tell me how long does a pet passport last? I’ve been told they cost about £80 each, is this right? Does anyone know of any sites around Brittany with pools? have 2 children to please as well.

    • Editor says:

      Hi. The passport is for life or until you fill all the pages. You just need to keep to the injection regime – your vet will advise

  19. Kerry says:

    What a useful site. I’m hoping you can set my mind as ease! I have already had to ask my vet to re-do my dog’s pet passport as they had entered information on the wrong line in about 4 places and the vet stamp was blurred so you couldn’t read it. They have now re-issued a new pet passport which looks fine except they have not included the ‘sticker’ from the rabies vaccine. I’ve only seen a couple of other passports but they have both included this. Do you know if it is needed or is the handwritten name and batch number of the vaccine sufficient? I have lost confidence in asking my vet and am worried it’s still not correct!

    • Editor says:

      Hmmm. I would phone DEFRA for guidance on this one. I called them several times before our very first trip and they were always really helpful. All our pet passports have the rabies innoculation sticker in them. The rabies jab entry is the MOST important part of the passport because if it’s not right, you’ll have a three week stay in France if you have to have your pet re-innoculated on that side of the channel. It’s really important that you feel confident in the passport before you travel over that water so don’t take any risks!

  20. Kerry says:

    Thanks very much – I will speak to DEFRA and my vet again……

    • Editor says:

      Hi. It would be great if you could let the site know what they say – I’m sure others will have the same questions. Many thanks

  21. Zara Benton says:

    Good to see someone took the initiative and gave people the information they can’t get elsewhere, well not without a lot of bother!

    We travel 3 times a year with our dogs and have recently had a new puppy who will be joining us. I have to say that DEFRA is not always correct, having just spoken to a young lady who told be that you have the wait 21 days before you leave the country after the Rabies Vax is given and the passport stamped. Yet their website reads you have to wait 21 days before you enter or re-enter the UK not before you leave the UK. Please be careful what they tell you and clarify it by ringing back again at another time.

    Also I need additional pages as our dogs passport vets pages are full. I am told by DEFRA that you have to have another passport, all the information from the 1st passport has to be transferred to the new one and you have to carry the 2 passports together. Hope that helps the person who was asking about having a new one due to the original being a mess. He must always carry the 2 together. There is lies another problem, in that the vets will charge you for an additional passport. This varies in my area Pershore, from £24 – £44 each, so again be careful where you shop for your additional passports.

    Finally I am so annoyed that the Eurotunnel has now decided to charge for pets leaving the UK as well as returning. It was a bonus for us with 3 dogs that we could travel out without paying for the dogs, now they are charging £15 per dog each way, for us that’s an additional £45 – almost doubles the fare. We have reverted back to the ferries because their passenger charges are less i.e. £25 opposed to £55.

    Any info I can give you just ask, we have been doing this since 2008 as we have a house in France, at the moment.

    Congrats on a very good and informative blog…

    • Keith says:

      Euro tunnel was £30 to return to England,but is now £15 each way, same as the ferry. I use the tunnel both ways, as my dog is not left on his own during the crossing and we get back at least an hour sooner. Less stress for him and less stress for me.

  22. Kerry says:

    Hi, I have now had confirmation from DEFRA that the passport does not require the sticker from the rabies vaccination and that it is acceptable for an official vet to hand write the manufacturer, name of vaccine and batch number. Also essential to have the vaccination date, valid until and authorised vet to stamp and sign. regards Kerry

  23. Janet Lenkowiec says:

    Hi there! I have a problem. There are several pages in my dog’s passport for “worm treatment” but only one page with 5 spaces for “clinical examination” . These spaces are now all full – what do I do?

    • Editor says:

      Yes, you’re right. Only five spaces for the examination! I’ll give DEFRA a ring about this. Well spotted! …. UPDATE as at 19 June 12 …. I have called DEFRA re this. The clinical examination is non obligatory and is only necessary if your carrier requires it. Even if all those spaces are completed and your carrier requires the examination, it can be written on the vet’s headed paper and stamped and signed. So, not to worry. This is probably more important for pet travel via air but it would be wise to double check with the ferries, especially if your dog is going to be crated rather than remaining in your vehicle.

  24. Sharon says:

    Hi, wonder if anyone can help its our first time taking our dog abroad, we are all ready with passport, when we return am i ok to see vet in hungary to get the treatment of tick and worm, we would have done on the friday and travel through austria, germany belguim and france for the eurotunnel sunday morning would be helpful if anyone has answer please.

    • Editor says:

      Treatment has to take place between 1 and 5 days before entry into the UK so as long as the timing fits your travels, having the treatment done in Hungary is not a problem. Tapeworm treatment only needed now under new rules since 1st January 2012. 🙂

  25. Keith says:

    Hi, just found this site whilst looking for info re.spaces for clinical examination in passport.
    Vet who did his rabies booster said to get a new passport £44 ouch.
    Thanks editor for your helpful information.

    • Editor says:

      For info, I also double checked with the Pet Passport Control at Eurotunnel when we came back into the UK in September and they confirmed that they don’t look at the clinical check pages at all. Of course this is only the experience we’ve had at Eurotunnel – so anyone travelling by ferry and plane should check separately with their carrier. It is a relief – I didn’t much fancy having to pay for new passports anytime soon!

  26. Honor Chisholm says:

    HI We hoping to move to Houston Texas by this time next year, want to take the family dog with us. How do i start the process and where can I get a pet passport from? Where do I get infomation from. PLEASE HELP

  27. Olivia says:

    Hi, my dog has a pet passort and the other vaccination pages are now full. How do i go about getting some additional pages? Many thanks.

    • Editor says:

      Are you sure you mean the ‘other vaccinations’ pages – my passports have 18 slots for those … one for every annual booster for 18 years! If so, check with your vet and/or DEFRA but as far as I understand it, annual boosters are not required to be recorded in the pet passport – you can record these on a separate vaccination record. It’s only the rabies vacc, chip id and tapeworm treatment that is mandatory for the passport.

  28. Julien Savery says:

    I have just had my rabies booster etc done on my pets passport but the vetinary nurse made a mistake with the dates and corrected it by writing over it .I complained about this and the vet filled in another space below the one that had been corrected by writing over it.Is this the right procedure or should I have a new pet passport issued?I would be very grateful for anyones help

    • Editor says:

      If it’s offically stamped and signed and dated properly in the new box, I would have thought it would be ok. But to be completely sure, I would give DEFRA a call to see what they think.

      • Julien Savery says:

        I am very grateful for your advice .Thank you very much for your advice and keep up the good work.I have another doubt my dogs chip doesnt work I have read about the problems with Virbac chips which it is , and I have seen that Defra say a new pet passport has to be issued thats fine but who bears the cost and by the way the chip doesnt start with 9000etc its 6——and it was issued in March last year so what are the real batch numbers with defective chips I think there is a real confusion here as Defra say it is up to batches 9000etc so that to me means before and other sources say all batches starting with 9000etc .

  29. jason barry says:


    i am travelling to france from ireland may 2013
    my 2 dogs have the pet passports with the rabies vacs and boosters done 3 mths ago.the also have iso chips.
    do they still need the blood tier test done and one of thedog chips is still registerd to the dogs home will this i missing anything. any help would be gratefully received.

  30. Donald McCaig says:

    Thanks for doing this. Traveling with dogs is difficult. I’ve come from the US to the UK via France and foot passenger on the P&O ferry before and understand that Defra’s rules are somewhat easier.

    P&O no longer accepts foot passengers at Calais so I’m thinking Le Harve/Southhampton.

    Query: Do they have kennels on the ferry?

    I’ll also be traveling Stranraer/Belfast on that ferry. Do they have a kennel?

    What I’m hoping to avoid is dragging a dog crate across europe.

    Thanks for your help.

    Donald McCig

  31. Lou says:

    Thanks for a wonderful website, we are taking our 3dogs to Europe this year and your website has been fantastic!

    Do you know where I can get information on vets familiar with the pet passport in order to give them their tapeworm in Salzburg area of Austria.

    Is there a website?

    Many thanks

    • Martin says:

      Glad we’ve been of help! Re vets, just google vets salzburg – a good list comes up via yelp … I generally find google has the answers to almost everything! But whether these vets will be familiar with the pet passport scheme will be another matter. You will probably need to phone. This link is good except there’s no entry for Austria!

  32. Claire says:

    We are supposed to be taking our new puppy to France with us on Transmache from Newhaven. He will only of had his rabies injection 10days before we leave but over 30 on our return. Do they check the injections on the way out? on the ferries website it just says its 21 days for re-entry but defra said on the phone 21 days to leave! I am confused and don’t want the pup not allowed to board when we get there!
    Please help 🙂

    • Martin says:

      We mention this clearly on our New Defra Rules page where we state you should not travel until 21 days after that very first rabies jab. This is because the first rabies jab given to an animal is not considered legitimate until after 21 days in some EU member states, including France. Defra’s remit is for re-entry into the UK and you should always check the different countries you may be visiting for their separate rules. This is not an issue with future jabs as they will be boosters (as long as you do not let the vaccination expire, in whuch case you are back to square one). 🙁

      • Claire says:

        Ok Thanks
        On reading up more I can see this is the case.
        I have been reading up on the net that people have or do as you don’t get papers checked on the way out if dog is staying in the car!
        I don’t know if that is true or not, but don’t want to be stuck at the port!

    • Anna says:

      Hi Claire – I have the same situation as you had last year with a puppy who we just got the vaccine 6 days ago for but we would like to travel with her for three weeks in Europe starting this week. We are planning on taking the ferry to France. How did it go with your travels? Did your pup get stuck at the port? She has her passport and all other necessary documents but the 21 days have not passed for the vaccine…

      • Jennifer says:

        I am in the same case, could I kindly ask how your respective journeys went? It would be so so helpful, I am very anxious about going to france in 10 days…
        Many thanks

  33. Gretl says:

    Hi. We are about to drive from Greece,through Italy to Austria with our 2 dogs for a weeks’ holiday.I have had the dogs chipped and they have had rabies vaccinations. I’ve just read, though, that they have to have the rabies jabs after they were chipped. Is this true. Mine weren’t. Please advise.

  34. Tez says:

    I have got 2 dogs with passports as we travel frequently. One of the dogs has got passport up to date but from Czech Republic with old address in it. I am not sure how and where to change it or if I need to get gb passport for him. As his vet is in UK his microchip cant be registered to pet log. So can I still travel without any problems with him?

  35. Chris says:

    Hi, great website. We are going to France on overnight ferry for the 1st time. Got our lab’s passport a couple of months in good time, however I have just noticed that the date in the passport for microchip and rabbies are the same – does this cause any isssue? Also, his yearly jags have not been updated? We leave this Friday, so any advice would be appreciated.

  36. Ken M says:

    Our experience – our dog was taken into quarantine on return to the uk because we relied on calculating from the DATE of the Rabies Vaccination, (and we were 24 hrs short of this only!).
    The dog was quarantined because we were informed that it is not the DATE of THE VACCINATION that is important but the DATE FROM the ALL CLEAR.
    Please remember this when travelling back

    • Editor says:

      Yes, that was the case under the old scheme or if you are travelling into the UK from an unlisted country ie those countries not within the pet travel scheme where a blood test is still required. Our site is based on our experience of pet travel within the EU where the rules now do not require a blood test (since Jan 12). Where were you travelling from and when?

  37. Ari says:

    Thank you! Finally someone with the answers I was looking for in regards to needing microchip registration documents. Other sites were adamant that I needed them but my pets left the UK fine without them, and these sites were getting me in a panic that I wouldn’t be able to get them home after 2 years abroad since I left their paperwork in storage.

    It’s such a relief to know that only their passport is required.

    Thank you again.

  38. jodie says:

    Do I need any documents to bring my dogs back to the uk from ireland

  39. Lucy Thompson says:

    Hi there,
    I am hoping to take my dog to France this summer for the first time abroad. I have her pet passport but am struggling to find up to date information with regards to her breed. I got her from the dogs home and she was dumped there so they could only guess her breed is a lab cross staffy. She doesn’t look a typical staffy. The vet has written on her passport that she is a staff cross lab which is sort of making out she is more staffy than anything and I have read that staffy crosses aren’t allowed into France but I can’t get a definite answer on this. As she was dumped in the dogs home then I don’t have any papers to clarify this. Do you know if this is correct or if my vet can give me a new passport saying she is a lab cross? By the way I absolutely love staffies and this wouldn’t be a problem for me to say she is but I don’t want the problem in France or anywhere else!
    Many thanks.

    • Editor says:

      We met a couple the other day who had two lovely staffies but were both rescue so no breeding documentation and they take both abroad every year, including travels around France, and have had no problems at all. They carry muzzles with them, just in case the authorities require it in a particular area but, to date, have not had to use them. Perhaps other readers have more info for you.

  40. Lucy Thompson says:

    Ok thanks very much for your comments.

  41. Susan says:


    I’m preparing to take my dog from a listed EU country into the UK. I was reading the per travel scheme but something is not clear for me. I have all the vaccines and my dog has a new microchip what the vet said it is a microchip passport. Do I still need to make a passport for her or that chip is enough? Thank you!

  42. Christine says:


    I am planning to go to France with my dog and would like to know if the dogs passport is checked when leaving the UK I.e. At the border control into France at Dover? Can anyone tell me?

  43. Scott coles says:

    Hi, I am currently resident in Brunei , Indonesia. We took our beagle to Brunei some 2 years ago. She is registered in the UK and has an EU passport. Due to having a house in France, we travelled on numerous occasions to and from UK/France.

    Question: when travelling back to UK from an unlisted country such as Brunei, my understanding is a 6 month quarantine period, irregardless of having all rabies shots and blood test results. Is this correct? If so, I have heard that if the dog travels back to France then on to UK, the wait is only 21 days providing I take her to the local vets to have the certificate and passport completed. Is this correct.

    Lastly, does anyone know what where to find the equivalent rules to that held by UK DEFRA for entry of a dog to France?

  44. Kaye Smith says:


    What size is the pet passport? Is it the same size as a human’s passport?

  45. Toni says:

    Please help asap. We are due to import a 4 mth old puppy to UK from Spain soon and once he passed the 3 mth old stage we asked the breeder to send up photos of pet passport showing rabies shot info and date of microchip etc. She did so but we are now really concerned that the passport will not be accepted by Uk controls – the information written by vet about rabies is not covered by a laminated strip as seems to be required now, and the page showing details of puppy’s date of birth, colour etc is covered by a large sticker that then has the info typed onto it – not sure why the vet used a sticker and di not just write directly into passport. We have tried telling breeder of our ocncerns but there is a bit of a language barrier and she just keeps saying it will be OK. Can anyone conform whether lamination is essential and whether it is acceptable for the vet to have put a sticker over the page of the passport. This is all new to us and we donlt have the money to pay for quarantine if entry is refused. Please help

  46. Toni says:

    Hello again
    I have spoken to DEFRA re the passport concerns and although they have reassured us a little re the sticker situation they said that I should check the rabies vaccination name – I have managed to read this from the breeders photo of the passport and it is Rabisyva VP-13 – a search of the internet has now revealed that this particular drug may need 2 doses 15 days apart to enable the dog to enter the UK. However, the web pages concerned were associated with rescue animals traveling under the TRACES scheme rather than the PETS scheme (which we are using). Can anyone confirm whether PETS scheme animals are OK with just 1 jab and a 21 day wait? I intend to phone DEFRA helpline again but it is closed now until Monday morning. Many thanks

  47. Jac says:

    Hello, I’m hoping to adopt a dog from the EU through a rescue charity, so the passport will come with the dog. I was just wondering how you change the details on the passport, once I have the dog please?

    Thanks in advance.

  48. Steve says:

    Hi, I’m in the process of rescuing a cat from Portugal to the U.K. She is being looked after by a shelter until she is able to travel to the U.K. She is about to get her passport but I’ve noticed the passport needs to have signature of owner but I’m in the uk – can the shelter sign on my behalf? If not what can I do as I’m unable to travel back due to other commitments for quite some time. My friends are over there at the moment, should I ask them to do the adoption and complete paperwork and then get her transferred to me when back in the uk? So worried as I want her home ASAP.

  49. phil towers says:

    Hi can anyone help. does the ‘other vacinations section’ in the old passport need the vets stamp as well as the signature?.The ferry company says yes but the vet says no and the vet that did the boosters does not have a stamp. It is very confusing as the same vets did use a stamp previously for the normal annual boosters.

  50. Andy Lawson says:

    Hi, We come back to the UK every year and the section in the passport where the vet puts the worm tablet info and date is full, so he put it on the next page. At UK boarder they had a big problem with this and said we will have to have a new passport.

    Is it OK to show two passports one with the Rabbies vaccines etc in and then the latest one with worming stamp etc. Just not sure and my vet here in Czech Republic seemed confused too.

    Can someone help me clarify what we need? Trying to conform here :0) Many thanks, A.

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