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Seeing the vet in France for the Pet Passport treatment

The information below relates to pre 2012 rules whereby tick and tapeworm treatment was required between 24 and 48 hours before re-entry into the UK.  Things have changed from 1st January 2012.  See our 2012 pet passport rules page here for the new rules.  You WILL still need to visit a vet so do please read on below to feel more comfortable about finding a vet in France.

This had been worrying me a lot both prior to leaving the UK and on my mind while in France. However, we’d booked to stay at Le Bien Assise campsite at Guines just outside Calais for three nights before our crossing back into the UK to give us plenty of time to arrange the vet visit once we’d arrived so I resisted the urge to panic about it!

I recommend Le Bien Assise (a Castels site). Although I speak French reasonably well, I asked the receptionist to book an appointment for me with a vet in Ardres, 10 minutes from the campsite. She couldn’t have been more helpful and booked it for me on our arrival on Monday 8th June for 9.15 am on Wednesday 10th June (our Tunnel crossing being at 14.00 on Thursday 11th – remember, you need to see the vet between 24 and 48 hours before your return crossing to the UK).

Our vet visit was excellent. One of the receptionists and the vet herself spoke good English which was helpful. She checked the dogs’ chips and did a brief health check (as the French vet has to complete a part of the passport to say that the dog is fit for travel). Then she treated them for worms and ticks/fleas. We had some Milbemax with us and she was happy to use our tablets (because they protect against Heartworm which is a problem in France). We also had Frontline Combi with us but she said she preferred to use Practiq which she felt would be better for them having spent the past 5 weeks in France because it’s a stronger treatment. All in, including the consultation and the Practiq treatment, we were charged 40 euros per dog – we had been expecting between 40 and 60 euros from conversations we’d had with other pet owners abroad. She also commented on the fact that the dogs were wearing Scalibor collars – she confirmed that they were essential in any trip to the more southern regions of France so, if in doubt, get these before you leave the UK.

The vet we used was the Clinique Veterinaire du Camp du Drap D’Or on the Place du Champ de Foire (the main square with all the trees in the centre of the town) in Ardres. There is a large free car park just opposite the vet. Their telephone number is 03 21 35 40 03. They are open 0900 to 1900 Monday to Friday and 0900 to 1700 on Saturdays. They have an open clinic every day between 1400 and 1500 where you can turn up without an appointment but, personally, I would make an appointment just to be sure. Remember, they do speak English if you’re not too good with the French. From Calais, this vet is an easy 20 minute drive and a lot easier to find than one in Calais. Very good service. If you are elsewhere in France or Europe, this is a good directory of Pet Passport friendly vets.

Update January 2013:  The vet clinic has now moved to a new location two minutes away (by car).  From the Ardres town square, take the road towards St Omer.  You will shortly see a Simply supermarket on the right hand side.  Just beyond the supermarket, take the road on the right just before the Peugeot garage.  The vet is at the bottom of this new road – brand new clinic with a big blue cross (but no signage other than that when we visited!). Here is their website.

Remember to double check the vet’s entry into the passport. The time and date of the worming and flea/tick treatment is VITAL. This is what they check at the crossing terminal. The vet also needs to stamp and sign their entries into the passport.

The vet we used in Ardres near Calais

The vet we used in Ardres near Calais


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117 Responses to “Seeing the vet in France for the Pet Passport treatment”

  1. Kelly says:

    Great blog! This part of the process is also a worry for us due to the tight window for crossing after treatment and out tight schedule. Our experience is slightly different in that we live in Spain and are planning to drive to the UK for Christmas. Due to work commitments our journey through France will be shorter than we would have liked. We are planning to cross on the euro tunnel on the 22nd of December (spending the night before nearby), However, we will wake up in Bourges on the morning of the 21st of December (luckily a Monday) and need to find a vet there. If anyone can help with contacts for a vet in this area we would greatly appreciate the help. We would like to make an appointment for first thing that Monday morning.

  2. J Wilson says:

    This is great information. It would be great to compile similar info for each port. We usually go via Roscoff. And can we link to your blog to keep track of it ?

  3. Many thanks for this info. I’ve been trying to find out more about travelling with dogs as I’m thinking of taking my two to France later in the year. This had by far the most helpful information. Thanks!

  4. Italy Jon says:

    Thank you for creating such an informative blog, I am preparing to bring 2 Beagles from Italy via the Eurotunnel and found your site very useful !! Thank you.

  5. AEMD says:

    We live is SW France, and we have now done the trip back to UK lots of times with two big dogs. I can remember the worry the first time we did this, wondering whether the microchips would scan, whether the paperwork was OK.
    It’s really very simple and now the only problem is deciding where and when to visit the vet, before we leave home or on the way to comply with the 24 – 48 hour rule for the treatment. I personally am not of the school that will drive for 24 hours To me it is a foolhardy thing to do. It’s much better to break the journey, if only for the sake of the dogs.

    I have one caution. Our dobermann had a major fit, about 3 minutes of convulsions, and he’d was impossibly itchy and nervy after his first treatment with Advantix He was never really right again. I have since read of many others who have the same problem. I would advise use of Frontline as it is less of a systemic insecticide that Advantix. AVOID Advantix. Even though we live in SW France, I do not like the idea of continually dosing a dog with insecticide, we do not use flea or tick collars, just survey the dogs and deal with ticks as and when they occur. We have two short coated breeds so for us this is easy, perhaps with a long coat it is different.
    There’s a brilliant little gadget which is an absolute must, we bought from our vet in France: O’TOM tick remover, or in French “Instrument pour retirer les tiques”. It is a pack with two mini ‘forks’, one for big and one for small ticks. You simply get between the skin of the animal and the tick, slowly twirl and the tick drops off. Then you can kill it in any way you like 🙂 They squash well underfoot 😆
    So, in a nutshell, don’t be too scared of the problems and go for it.
    Enjoy your holiday !

    • Janet Tibbles says:

      We live in rural Northumberland and our dogs are always picking up sheep ticks. We find the most effective way to remove ticks is to dip a cotton bud in washing up liquid and coat the tick with the washing up liquid. The silky nature of the washing up liquid runs onto the tick’s head buried in the body of the dog and it removes very easily then.

  6. Sandra says:

    I read about your blog about vet in Adres. We emailed them and made an appointment before travelling to France. Arrived at the designated time on the Monday morning, saw vet within 10 minutes, she was very helpful and pleasant. We arrived at Channel Tunnel on Tues morning and all went smoothly and we were back in UK before 11am. Thanks for information and I certainly recommend this vet practice.

  7. Sandra says:

    Found the vet in Ardres very helpful. We made appointment before travelling. Paperwork completed satisfactorily and we had no problems whatsoever at Channel Tunnel.

  8. Julie Ellis says:

    This blog has helped us so much in sorting out the various things needed for taking our Jack Russell, Newton, on holiday to France. We go in September via Roscoff, can anyone recomend a vet in the Roscoff area to do the return treatment?

  9. Vicky says:


    Thanks for all your useful information, me and my dog are off to France on Monday for our first trip. I was wondering where I would find a vets, and was worried about parking in a main town. Really reassuring to be advised of the location of a vets with free parking opposite!


  10. Pete Hughes says:

    Hi people,

    Anyone got the email address for the vets in Andres?



  11. David Wilson says:

    Thanks for our blog. Wish I new how to do something like this. It has put my mind at rest about travelling back with Ruby – camping like you.

  12. Lezli Rees says:

    What a fantastic blog – and your dogs look fabulous. I’ve just spent 2 months researching dog walks near motorways in France, which was great – but every now and again there’d be that twinge of anxiety that I’d misunderstood something in the Defra rules and my collie, Jem would be stuck in France. How I wish I’d seen this blog before we left!!
    Can we swap links – I’d love our site visitors to read this too 🙂

  13. jay says:

    We’ve used the vet in Ardres several times but now we go elsewhere as I think their charges are getting rather high, as are the charges at La Bien Asisse. We go to a lovely vet in Rue and stay at Ferme des Aulnes now or stay in Cambrai and go to the vet there.

  14. J Wilson says:

    Interesting comments re: the Advantix treatment. Our collie also gets very itchy after I use it on her and she lies on her back and rubs it on the carpet. Our vet claimed they’d never heard of anything like that but I read the comment here from AEMD – maybe I will try and find out more.
    It does seem mad the amount of worming etc dogs get – humans are just left to catch the worms !

  15. L Fogg says:

    Interesting info but would be very grateful if anyone suply us with the email
    address for this vet thanks in antisipation

  16. John says:

    It would be worth a list of vets that can do this. .

  17. pam martin says:

    Thanks as we have been so worried about our little dog. We go to our house in picardy often. We didn’t take our last dog as we were so worried he would catch a fatal disease. Is this going to be expensive every time we go? Our house is in the countryside and we have woods at the back. We have a large garden and the grass igets long as we are not allways there to cut it. Do we let him in the garden? Does anyone know of a vet in Beauvais? What can he catch in the north? Any help would be appreciated.

  18. Joan Hill says:

    We have used this Vet for the last 6 years. They are very friendly and efficient.

  19. Jane Smart says:

    We are going to Germany via France inSeptember 2012 and are taking our dog for the first time we know about the Rabies jab and the rest of the stuff required. We are going from Dunkirk can anyone give us an address of a good vet there who speaks English and is familiar with the proceedure?Also we are thinking og going to the Black Forest in Germany is there anything we should be wary of?Then we are hopfully travilling on to the Ardeche in France anything we need to know there?

    • SHARON says:

      I know this post is a few years old now but we are just considering doing the same thing – the Black Forest – did you go and how was the experience?

  20. Emma Walling says:

    Thanks so much- we are going to stay at Guines and would like to take the dogs. Now we know there’s a handy vet it’s a lot less daunting.

  21. malcolm says:

    does anyone know the email address for the vets in Ardres CLINIQUE VETERINAIRE DU CAMP DU DRAP D’OR. would be much appreciated

  22. Helen Boyce says:

    Thank you so much for his, we are just going through the process of Pet Passporting and found this most informative. I have been suprised to find that vets charge different prices for the passport but have been very lucky to find out our current vet is the cheapest, £78.00 all in. We have stayed on the camp site at Guines several times and agree it is a very good site.

  23. David Francis says:

    I’m taking my two Border Collies to France for the first time this year (Dordogne, Loire and Guines). They are used to a minimum of a 5 mile daily walk off lead. I’ve tried searching Google but I can’t find anything about French law relating to letting dogs (that aren’t class1 or 2 dangerous dogs) off lead. What is everyone else’s experience, do I need to keep them on-lead for the whole 3 weeks? Can I let them paddle in the Dordogne off lead?
    Any help you can provide will put my mind and my wife’s at rest.
    Thank you

    • Editor says:

      France tends to be just like the UK in our experience. Very dog friendly but common sense should prevail when letting your dog off the lead. Our dogs go off the lead when we deem it safe for them.

  24. David Francis says:

    Thank you for replying so quickly re: dogs off lead.

  25. Helen says:

    I have recently been looking at taking our Springer to France and the laws have change you can see a vet up to 5 days before you leave the country, does anyone know of English speaking vet in Poitier or Civray?

  26. joan /ken says:

    we traveled for the first time last summer with our westie Molly france and into Spain 7weeks of fun thanks to you.We printed all the imformation needed and you made everything so clear for us, the vets you recomend were great and we met up with other pet owners there,so good this year we will be off again but with our new little girl Maggie,hope we can cope with the two.

  27. jase says:

    hi im looking to travel down to italy with my dog via liechtenstein,switzerland and austria but cant see these countries on the passport scheme does anybody know if you need to do anything to go through these countries?
    thanks jase

    • Editor says:

      Refer to Defra’s website and click on the link for information on Listed Non EU Countries within the Pet Passport Scheme for Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Austria is within the EU. If in any doubt, just give DEFRA a call.

      • jase says:

        hi thanks i have had look at defra website and liechtenstein and switzerland seem to come under the low risk group of countries that rabies can sp read from under the pet passport scheme

  28. Paul says:

    Is it correct re the 5 day rule now and not 48 hours ?

    Also any vets known of in The Vendee who will do the pet passport ?


  29. Caz says:

    Good point about double checking Vets signed entry. Mine made a mistake on the date (wrong year) and wrote over her correction. I watched her do this but did not register that she did not counter sign/initial her correction. Thankfully it only caused a delay at Calais check in, not a refusal to travel!

  30. John Hensser says:

    Great site. Does anyone know of a vet in Le Havre who can do the examination. We are travelling back to Portsmouth next week. Thanks

  31. Vicky Harris says:

    We have a house in Normandy and travel Portsmouth to Cherbourg. We are thinking of getting a dog and so just beginning to look into pet passports and vaccinations. We often go for a long weekend, 3 or 4 days. Do we still need to visit a vet in Cherbourg for treatment and does anyone recommend a vet in Cherbourg. Has anyone got any idea what this costs per visit. We usually go most weekends in the summer!
    Many thanks

    • Karen stokes says:

      Did you ever get an answer and did you go ahead taking your dog each weekend. We also have a house in Normandy and from next weekend will be spending 2weeks per month in France. We would love a dog but worry about having to give tapeworm treatment every couple of weeks. How did you get on, do you still have to visit a French vet every week and how much does it cost. Thanks

  32. Susan Hart says:

    Can anyone recommend a vet with practice stamp, I’d do they all ave the stamp, in the Argeles region of SW France

  33. Susan Hart says:

    Apologies for the typos in my message, this iPad does predictor text!

  34. Barbara says:

    Hi, thanks for the great information. Do you have any recommendations regarding vets in Italy? I won’t have time to get my dog treated in France and am worried about what to ask for in Italy. I will be traveling back from the Como area. Any assistance with terminology would be fantastic!

  35. John Patience says:

    We are visiting the Dordogne in June for 4 weeks. Can anyone recommend a suitable Vet in the Le Bugue or Ste. Alvere areas for treating the dog before our return to the UK.

  36. Martina says:

    Thanks for your blog. We drove to France only for a wkend and my partner booked an app for our mini yorkie at the vets in Ardres. We found the new hidden clinic with a help of friendly French people. Our dog was booked in for 2pm on Saturday and we were kind of panicking when we got there and the vets was closed but luckily the receptionist and the vet lady came on time. They were really nice, spoke English reasonably well and we were out after 5minutes and paid around €30.
    We will definitely travel with the dog again soon, now we know how easy it is :).

  37. Ruth says:


    Took our 4 dogs to Crecy Forest (near the famous battlefield of Agincourt, about a 2 hour drive from Calais) last year. This year being more adventurous, but taking the dogs back to the following vet:

    Joël Serroyen
    2 Rue de la Croisie 80150 Estrées-lès-Crécy France‎
    +33 3 22 23 36 97

    He doesn’t speak English, but we got by with my not great French. One of my dogs is very wary of vets usually, but she was fine with him, he is very gentle. Plus I didnt feel like I was being ripped off, paid about 20EURO per dog.

  38. Annie says:

    Hi thanks so much for this brilliant website – my partner and I are planning a 10 day trip to France with Charlie Farlie our gorgeous Springer Spaniel and this website has given me loads of information and advise. One thing is worrying my partner he has heard that some dogs react very badly to the rabies shot – has anyone known of such a thing?

  39. Gordon says:

    Hi great website,we are heading home to Scotland with our 2 dogs after spending 4 months in the Algarve. We are going to take a slow journey up to Calais maybe 3-4 days
    can you advise me if our dogs will have to see a vet in portugal,and again in France before our ferry crossing at Calais ?

    • Martin says:

      You need to see a vet within the 1 to 5 day window – so you need to consider your journey time and make a sensible decision about where you see the vet. Hope you’ve had a lovely time!

      • Gordon says:

        Hi Martin thank you for the advice,we had a great time :),if we get the dogs checked in portugal does that cover them for the 5 days untill I arrive in Dover.just trying to work out when to see a vet Portugal or France?then we can arrange our ferry crossing ,thanks again :).


  40. Colin Meads says:

    Website was very useful when we recently went to SW France. We were stopping near Lacanau
    The local vet Marie Hodde 2 rue Léon Dominique 33680 Lacanau was great Two Shih Tzu Dogs treated for 40 euros. Spoke good English & very good value

  41. petra says:

    Fantastic blog. In 2009 I took our dog to a vet in Lille before crossing the channel back home. 80, Bvd Montebello tel.: +33 320307511. I just checked for a Clinique closer to Calais and found your great blog! Thank you Petra

  42. John says:

    Super blog! We travelled back from Cyprus with our 3 dogs in 2010. It was so nerve wracking! It didn’t need to be. Seemed a breeze. 3 years on we are looking to to the SW France near Soustons. Ferry is booked but site etc still a few days off. Can anyone recommend a vet in the Landes area? Preferably around soustons but we are flexible. Thanks Sam and Tessa woof.

  43. Jackie says:

    Hi we are travelling to Souillac over the summer does anyone have details of an english speaking vet ?


  44. Chris says:

    If anyone is staying in the Coburg/Dives sur Mer/Houlgate area of Normandy there is a vet in the town square in Dives sur Mer. 30 mins from Caen.

    Remember its 5 days before your arrival back in UK not 5 days before you leave (in case you are doing an overnight ferry).

  45. Lyn says:

    Can anyone tell me the best vet in Bordeaux please?

    • Stacey says:

      Hi! Know this thread is old but am looking for an English speaking vet in Bordeaux. How did you go with your search?

  46. Sally says:

    Can anyone help with an English spoken vet in Tuscany Italy or South of France? Website or phone number would be good. This is our first trip with taking our dog and need to get things correct.

    Thanks Sally & Roxy the Westie

  47. jean says:

    hello we are traveling back from spain soon with our little dog can anyone confirm how many days you have after seeing the vet to get back to uk as would like to see vet in spain and wont it all legal and probs at uk arrival please

    • Editor says:

      You have a window of not less than 24 hours but no more than 120 hours in which to see a vet prior to your scheduled departure. All this info is stated on our website! 🙂

  48. Julia says:

    This website is so handy – thank you!

    I have a question to add to the mix. We have a greyhound too, and brought her to Serbia in August as we are working here. She’s really enjoying Serbia, and loves being in the car (we’re very lucky).

    We’re bringing her home to the UK with us for Christmas, and have got the rabies, blood test (we’re in one of the only countries where we still need this) and worming treatment sorted, after lots of incredibly bureaucratic trips to our vet here and the state vet.

    On checking her paperwork I’ve noticed that the dog’s vaccinations (kennel cough etc) expire before we travel. My preference is to get the boosters done at our vets in the UK, and the Serbian vets feel the same, as they feel the products used by the British vets are of a higher standard. BUT – does anyone know if this could cause a problem with getting into the UK? The website is very helpful with regard to rabies etc, but is silent on the topic of other vaccination boosters. Do the pet check people for the Eurotunnel have any way of checking whether other (not rabies) vaccines are up to date?

    Hope somebody can offer sound, and kind advice! Normally we would get the boosters done immediately, but like I say we are a little uncertain about the quality here….


    • Editor says:

      Hi. The Pet Control Centre at Eurotunnel has only ever checked the rabies vacc and the worming treatment when we’ve travelled. In fact, the first time our dogs went abroad with us their other boosters were recorded in a separate book so weren’t even in their passports.

  49. Russell says:

    Great website. Travelling back from Greece in a couple of weeks time. The 5 day limit is tight if get dog treated before we leave so anyone know a vet on way – Aix en Provence, Avignon to Lyons
    Many thanks

  50. LOUISA says:

    Great website & full of information !!! Travelling to south west France in July 2014. We are staying in Tarn Nr Toulouse. This is our first trip with our DDB, but there will be another two dog’s in our party as well. Has anyone used a vet near here which is authorised to administer for tapeworm and fill in the pet passports for our return journey via the channel tunnel.

    Many thanks

    • Editor says:

      I’m sure someone will have a recommendation but if you look on our FAQ page, there’s a link you can follow to find vets with experience of the Pet Travel requirements before re-entry into the UK. You might find one in that area via that link. Thanks for your nice comment!

  51. Tricia says:

    Hi I have been looking for a vet in Beauvais Monnai, Gace or Bernay do you know of one

  52. Lindie says:

    We are travelling to Northern France in April and taking our dogs. I need to book my dogs in with a Vet in France but I cant speak French.

    Does anyone know of a Vetinary that has english speaking personnel in the
    Camping de la Cote de Nacre
    Rue General Moulton
    14750 St Aubin sur Mer
    area please?

    or any sugestions of any vetinary near this area that would be able to help?

    Many Thanks

    • Kirstyf says:

      Hi I know you posted this a few years ago but presuming you found a vet can you remember which you used please we are currently at cote de nacre and due to return home in a few days

  53. Jules says:

    great source of info, one thing that I am not sure of .. one of the earlier posts talks about a vets that are authorised to give tapeworm tests and complete pet passports. I guess I assumed that they all are.
    We are travelling back to the UK via the centre of France and I are finalising booking accommodation which will confirm the nearest town to where we are staying. My next job is to contact vets in particular town. I will make sure to ask them if they can do this test and complete the pet passport.

  54. Morgan says:

    Hey everyone!

    If you are travelling to the south of France, I found a great veterinarian clinic where all the vets speaks English!
    Only one of the three assistants speak a few words of English but that was already super useful.
    The clinic is located in a city right next to the highway A71 right in the middle of France (in Auvergne)
    Every time we come back, we stop there to do all the papers regarding our dogs.
    I told us they were very familiar with the procedures.
    They said they were used to do that for British tourists coming back from the French Riviera.

    Their address is
    Clinique Vétérinaire l’OCCITANE
    98 AV ST JAMES
    03800 GANNAT
    Tél : 04 70 90 13 18

    I found the info on their website. Everything is in French (if you understand a few words…) but there are pictures 😉

    I hope the information can help some of you!

  55. Gina gommers says:

    We are travelling to Nantes in November. Does anyone know of English speaking vets in the area please.

  56. karl says:

    Hi does anyone know of any campsites open all year as we are just coming back to Ardres for the vets from Monday 23 March

  57. Laura says:

    Hello, I wonder if anyone can help me.
    We have booked our summer holiday to France especially so we can travel with our 2 year old Welsh Springer Spaniel. He has just had his Pet Passport re-issued (after our vets made a mistake in the original) but the vet has frightened me by saying that SHE would never take her dogs overseas because of all the diseases they can catch. Currently we use Advocat for his flea & worming and in a couple of weeks I will probably start him with Advantix after discovering the first tick of the year on him this weekend! My main worries are Lechmaniastus (sandflies)and Babesiosis+Lymes (Ticks). I had thought of getting him a Scailbor collar but would need to change his flea treatment etc to Frontline as apparently the collars can not be used at the same time as Advantix. Considered vaccination against Leichmaniastis but our vets do not provide this. We are camping for the first week in the Cevennes (Central Southern France) and then are spending a week in a cottage in the Tarn (SW France). Does anyone have any suggestions or know of a vets in the Cevennes/Tarn that has an email address so I can contact them to discuss best measures for the locality? I am getting so stressed I am wishing we had plumped for Scotland again this year!

  58. Julie jones says:

    Hi we are taking our 2 this year for the first time. Our vet recommended an additional parvovirus injection. And we have a scalibor collar. France are a nation of dog lovers. We have been going to france for years and there are vets everywhere so I shouldn’t worry too much.

  59. Sue says:

    I have been put off taking my springer to the Gorge du Tarn due to reports of dogs getting sick after being in the water. Keeping a Springer out of water is just not right! See the information below, and make sure you take care. I have being taking my dog to France in my campervan for many years (we are in Brittany at the moment) and always use a Scalibor collar. Talking to vets coming home the biggest problem in France they say is the danger of heartworm so I always use Advantage for the month before during and month after coming to protect against this.

  60. Des says:

    I’ve just come back from France a couple of weeks ago. My dog was given the tick treatment but at home he started scratching badly. Foolishly I gave him Frontline and now he is having convulsions and I came near to having him put down. Do NOT give your dog Frontline or any other toxic anti-flea treatment. Avocat, Advantage etc. They are killers. See the facebook page on Frontline………the vet I use is in Rue de Canton, Loon Plage, a mile away from the Dunkirk ferry port. Just down from the roundabout. They are excellent and all speak English. I’ve used them for years.

    • wendy evans says:

      We took our dog to a vet in lille. He spoke English but he charged us €63 FOR a worm treatment and to fill in the passport. We go to the continent a few times a year in our motorhome and have seen many different vets in different countries. This was a rip off so we will be asking the price before we us them in future

    • steve grindley says:

      do you know the exact address please and how much did he charge

  61. James B says:

    Hi, were heading to the Vendee in June with our Cockapoo, Patti. Can anyone recommend a vet in either the la Rochelle area or Le Mans, where we are overnighting before the Eurotunnel? Thanks in advance.

  62. Julie says:

    Are you aware they need the treatment a full 24 hours before travel? They can have it up to 5 days before coming hime.

  63. bernard evans says:

    what is the address of the vet in loon plage please. excellent vet in mosel valley at Bernkastel- Kues very professional and won’t rip you off !!!! eg fill in passport, examine dog and administer worm tablet (I use my own tick treatment) approx e10.

  64. kirsty says:

    Can anyone recomend a good english speaking vet in Frejus near Le Muy.

  65. Phil Caldwell says:

    Hi folks, great blog. Can anybody email me with details of a good vet, preferably English speaking in Le Harve please. I need it to comply with the pet travel scheme for dogs and tapeworm treatment. Many thanks. Phil

  66. Pete Aspinall says:

    Hi, can anybody recommend an English speaking vet who can administer the tapeworm treatment and fill out the pet passport near Perpignan or somewhere close to the France / Spain border near the Pyrenees?


  67. bernard says:

    The vet in Bernkastel-Kues Mosel Valley Germany. mentioned above is, Christian Marks. as you cross the river bridge from Bernkastel Toward Kues turn left, he’s on right hand side approx. 200 yardsdown HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

  68. bernard says:

    Went to vet in lille = Jean Jaques Duyck 260 Rue de Solferino, for return home dog passport stamp and worm treatment, very knowledgable, very expensive !!!

  69. Bridget Galloway says:

    French vets insist on filling in the “Clinical Examination” Page in the passport but I don’t have any spaces left for our next visit. Defra says they don’t need to fill in this page. What do other people do?

  70. Diana says:

    Does any one know how much French vets charge for spaying, I’m trying to decide whether to take them there, If anyone knows any vets near Le monges that speaks English

  71. Bridget Galloway says:

    French vets insist on filling in the “Clinical Examination” Page in the passport but I don’t have any spaces left for our next visit. Defra says they don’t need to fill in this page. What do other people do?

  72. Fiona says:

    Can anyone recommend an English speaking vet in or near the region of Saint Martin de Brehal, France. How much does the tapeworm treatment cost?

  73. Dave bevan says:

    We were refused and ejected at Calais Port by P and O ferriers who informed us our dogs worming injection had expired by 3 days, The port gave us a list of vets in Calais to find on a Saturday afternoon not being able to speak French ourselfs we were ejected out of the port sink or swim It was very difficult to find a vet open, God knows how we managed and where we went, but we managed, Rosi had her injection, 60 euro what a rip off,We had to find a campsite and go back for our sailing 24 hrs later, Rosi had her injection in Austria 8 days before we went back to Calais, our fault not checking, but the injection done in Austria cost just 4euro, So the vet in Calais ripped us off, Be very careful you know of the requirements that your dog needs before going to catch your boat

  74. Dave bevan says:

    We also found majority of French Residents and Vets do not speak English at all,

  75. Julie says:

    We paid €10 in France this summer

  76. Melissa Hall says:

    Looking for an English speaking vet near Lavelanet 09 Ariege.

  77. Julie says:

    Don’t worry too much about English speaking vets for the worming treatment. Once they see the passport they know exactly what to do. Just check everything is dated and the times are entered into the passport. The vet told us that the treatment is for internal parasites – AKA tapeworm to us.

  78. Julie Ellis says:

    Hi, we are going to Mijanes in the Pyrenees at the end of May 2017, can anyone recommend a vet for the return treatment for our jack Russell in that area, I did hear of one at Quillan but can’t find any details for him

  79. Bonnie MacGregor says:

    Hi, we are going to Dordogne and then onto Ile D’Oleron in June. Can anyone recommend a PETS approved VET in D’Oleron please?

  80. Paul says:

    Hi, does anyone know of a recommended vet in Italy, please

  81. Janet Pentreath says:

    Hi, We are going to Aix-en-Provence early August. Can anyone recommend a vet in Aix who is pet passport friendly?

  82. Mike Goodchild says:

    Any recommendations for Dinan ? We have emailed 2 vets ( translated into french ) and no replies

  83. Robyn Gregson says:

    Our issue is more complicated. We are taking our Aussie dog back to Australia. We need to find d a government approved vet for her rabies. Does anyone have any ideas?

  84. Lesley Brocklehurst says:

    Our experience over the last few years is to visit a vet as far away from the port as possible, preferably choosing a rural vet. You will be charged a fraction of the Calais prices – 25 euros for 2 dogs in the jura, in 2015 and 2017. This year we will need a vet much near to Calais, near St Valery. Any suggestions of a rural vet 70 miles south of Calais?

  85. Helen quinn says:

    Canhear someone recommend a english speaking vet nearvilledieli province please

  86. Jill says:

    Taking my 3 little Maltese dogs to the South of France for 1 week anyone advise of a safe flea and tick spray plus heartworm application for them before they go.
    One of them only weighs 2 kg.
    Quite worried about taking them now any advice would be appreciated.

  87. Paul clarke says:

    do you know of a vet nr Bedoin/Carpentras that can give my 2 Jack Russels the wormer’s before we return to the UK after our weeks holiday in September

  88. Julie says:

    There is a Vet just outside oisteham I’m the coast road to luc sir mer

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