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  1. Sally Burrows says:

    Thank you so very much for your diary.

    I have just started the pet passport proceedure only to be told by my vet that he wouldnt under any circumstance take his dog abroad, which as you can imagine has quite put me off taking him with us in our Motorhome. So I went in search for some like minded people like you to hopefully alay my fears – thank you

    We have a Motorhome and have travelled by the tunnel too many times to mention and have stayed in some beautiful places all for free as you can with Motorhomes. I have now just had a mid life crisis and bought another puppy, tried the rescue bit but all I got was Bitten. I love Wilson to bits and have had a few unhappy experiences with Kennels in the past years and therefore decided that this dog would travel with us.

    I think I should show your diary to my Vet. Thanks again.


    • Editor says:

      Hi Sally. Thanks for your message! Your vet is probably trying to tell you that abroad is not the UK. There are bugs and beasties that could affect your dog that we don’t get here. Also, you have to think about the temperatures (although, let’s face it, it’s pretty hot here at the moment!). We stuck with France, and probably will again, because they love their dogs and were very amenable towards ours. It could be different in other places. We used kennels years ago for our first dog and I never relaxed when we were away because I knew that, when I got back, he had been stressed the whole time we’d been away. Taking the dogs away with us seemed better for them than leaving them here. I have to say that I would NOT, personally, be happy leaving them on the car deck of the ferry because they would get stressed and I wish the ferry companies would be a bit more flexible over this issue. Talk to your vet again to see why he/she is so against taking your dog abroad. Ours was very supportive but, apparently, lots of people from our practice have been abroad with their dogs so the vets are used to the process and have not yet seen any ill effects. I have a vet friend who says that some vets are very worried about the foreign parasites that UK dogs might bring back with them into the UK. Apparently, there have been incidents of certain parasites in the UK now that weren’t here before the Pet Passport scheme came into being. However, this could also be a symptom of climate change – processionary caterpillars have been seen in Kent. These didn’t get here on the back of a dog!!

      Happy travels and thanks for the feedback! Hope you find the site useful! I’m sure Wilson will have a great time.

      • Tina Westecott says:

        Hope this helps. Brittany ferries have dog friendly cabins on their Economie vessel – we travel from Portsmouth. We always book a dog friendly cabin and take our aging Labrador with us. You do have to have your dogs muzzled and get to these cabins via a circuitous route (not through reception). Great trip and relaxing as Sasha is very relaxedness are we.

        We give her NexGard (deals with flea, tick and worm infestations: roundworm, hookworm, and whip worm, also prevention of heartworm disease) whilst we are in France. We stay in the midi Pyrenees where there are cattle and sheep and the treatment seems to work quite well.

        We have travelled to/from France for the past 10 years with our dog/s.

  2. val foulke says:

    good to read your blog. this is our first time abroad with jack(border terrier)
    and have all the worries that you have mentioned. Jacks annual vaccinations due in August so will be asking the vet for scaribor collar but rather worried that jack’s passport gives vaccination date until 2.8.10 from 3.8.07 i.e.3years
    so will have to check on this fairly soon as we are hoping to travel to France early September. We had already decided to travel via the tunnel so was pleased to read your comments, the main worry was returning to the UK and will probably use the camp site and vets that you recommend.
    Thankyou for really useful blog
    Val,Mick and Jack Foulke, Derbyshire

  3. Thanks for the great advice! Like you, I’m in Cornwall and I had decided that the only way to cross the channel was by Eurotunnel. Didn’t like the idea of having to have the dogs muzzled whilst in a crate on the ferry! Great info with regard to the caterpillars. Did you have any problem with ticks?

    Lindsay (in Padstow!)

  4. Vanessa Kelly says:

    This is a great blog, I have found it very interesting and informative. We are taking our dog to Provence in September 2011. Her passport runs out in December 2011. Is that ok or do we have to have a 6 months window as humans do when travelling to the US? I hope not as I have booked it? Also due to the long journey back up to Calais we are hoping to stay overnight near to Calais. Any suggestions?
    Thanks Vanessa

  5. Chris Wells says:

    Thanks for all your comments. This site came up when I googled.
    Our dog is going to Crete. Just has had the rabies injection…just before we leave our vet has recommended tick and worm treatment.
    We live in Cornwall and our vet was good explaining how dogs in this country do not have the immunity for ‘germs’ they may be in Europe. Sound advice I thought.
    I will also use essential oils to help protect my girl!
    Will use the tunnel …such a shame it is double the price to ferries though!

  6. Judy Jenkins says:

    One further tip – make sure your vet in the UK has stamped your pet passport with the official surgery stamp as well as signed it! Ours had not, and it caused a few problems. It was sortable (trip to a vet in Calais, along with a faxed confirmation from our own vet that the initial vaccinations had been given, along with batch numbers), paid an extra 15 Euros, but it taught us a lesson.

    We are taking our two spaniels to Spain again this year, and hope for a smoother experience on the return!

    • Martin says:

      Totally agree. Our motto remains ‘check, check again and then check again’! Better than getting caught out. 🙂

  7. Janine says:

    Thank you so much!!!! We are leaving on Friday with out pug and I, like you, have been worrying about everything!!! I’m so pleased I read this as I had no idea about the sand flies and I have now ordered a collor from my vet, which I would not have done otherwise!!! So thank you so much!!! I do feel a lot more at ease about the whole thing now I’ve read this 😉

  8. Foula says:

    Hi anyone can recommend a vet close to val d’isere or Tigne?

    We are taking our spitz with us in a couple of weeks but i cant seem to find a vet close by.


    • Editor says:

      If you google vétérinaires à proximté de ……. (Tignes or Val d’Isére) you’ll find a selection in the surrounding area although you will have to travel 20 or so kms away from those resorts eg Bourg St Maurice.

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