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Life abroad with the dogs


It could not have been easier. For starters, we were an unusual sight in France – three greyhounds (well, two greyhounds and one lurcher to be accurate) received a huge amount of attention and it took us ages to walk around towns because everyone came up to say hello. It certainly threw me in at the deep end regarding my rusty French! We were made welcome pretty much everywhere.

We had specifically chosen campsites which didn’t have a problem with us having three dogs (some restrict the number of animals per pitch and a very few don’t accept animals at all). We did have to pay for the dogs at some sites – somewhere around the 2 euro mark per dog per night was usual.

The campsites and towns seem very relaxed with regard to dogs and we had the same freedom as we would anywhere else.

In Blois

In Blois

Happy dog in the Alps

We did have three weeks of wall to wall sunshine and high twenties temperatures. Lovely for us but did put the kaybosh on us doing hiking with the dogs – just too hot for them.

The supermarkets have a good selection of dog food. But it is very expensive. Pedigree is sold but you’ll faint at the price. And doggie treats are just outstandingly expensive so my advice is to pack lots for your canine friend before you leave the UK. If you feed your dog kibble, there are big and small sacks to buy from the supermarket – all different brands and dietary requirements. Local vets also sell special diet food if that’s what you’re after. Canned meat is also readily available and the dogs seemed to eat it with gusto with no impact on their stomachs!

When travelling, the Aires (especially those without petrol stations) were great stopping points. There are often big expanses of woodland or grassy areas where you can exercise your dog and always picnic tables. The French seem to put a lot of effort into making these areas restful and they are a delight. There is always a drinking water tap.

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3 Responses to “Life abroad with the dogs”

  1. Diana Green says:

    When I stay in France for long stays I have my Pedigree food delvered by Zooplus, their service is excellent.

    I have found this blog very informative and did not know what the cobweb nests in the trees were; I have seen the long formations of catapillars in the woods.

    My 14month old labrador has lived here since she was 6months old and loves it. She can’t quite keep up with the deer when she startles them though!!!!

  2. Michaela Brelsford says:

    Do you have pet insurance/ if so which one? accident limited or life. So confused. Go to France July August with our lab have pet passport but no insurance.

  3. Helen Hodgson says:

    Great information in this blog, thanks!
    I have been wondering about pet insurance and whether we need to inform our pet insurance compan y that we are travelling abroad?
    Also, my dog has a raw diet and I wanted to ask if raw food is sold in the French pet shops?
    Thanks in advance,

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