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And other creatures!


If you are visiting the Alps, be aware that there are wolves in the high mountain forests. Local dogs have alledgedly been killed by them and you need to bear it in mind if you are hiking with your dog. Wild boar also inhabit certain regions and there are bears in the Pyrenees. It’s always best to keep your dog on the lead. This is NOT England!

Also, in the Alps and Pyrenees, large dogs are used to guard sheep in the mountains (to keep the sheep safe from predators). They grow up with the sheep and live with them in the mountains by themselves. Don’t approach these dogs – they’re not pets and will see you and, in particular, your dog as an intrusion and a possible threat. Apparently, if you come across one of these dogs, it will give a warning bark. Move on without making a fuss. Again, it’s best to keep your dog on its lead.

Bear in mind also that rabies does exist in France. Don’t approach wild animals and keep your dog away from them. Apparently, infected animals appear to be more docile and tame and may approach in a way which you wouldn’t ordinarily expect. Stay away and keep your dog away.

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3 Responses to “And other creatures!”

  1. Montecristo says:

    Since we have rabies in Canada I am less worried about that, but I had not thought of the sheep herding dogs … those are big dogs and I will tuck that in the back of my mind.

    We are very excited at the change in policy regarding quarantine coming up in January 2012. It will make a visit to the UK possible!

  2. keith wilkinson says:

    wonderful, any help i can get is useful as we hope to visit germany austria and poland in 2012

  3. keith wilkinson says:

    lots of information you have given glad someone has taken time to help others, just hope our doggie apprieciates what we are doing for her. hope vets in other countries are as helpful.

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