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And three becomes four


We also had an additional canine member added to the family in October 2009 to consider. A lovely big male greyhound who desperately needed a home with other dogs to help combat his nervous issues. That’s what happens when you volunteer at a rescue centre in your spare time! Amazingly, the layout of the Hymer allowed for four big dogs incredibly well – in fact, we had more space to move about in than we had in the caravan.

So, he went through the pet passport process as the others had done the year before. And, with all the paperwork in order, off we went for our new adventure at the end of July 2010.

A new addition to the family

A new addition to the family


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3 Responses to “And three becomes four”

  1. Jackie Palmer says:

    Just wondering which rescue centre you work at – our gorgeous Greyhound is from the Retired Greyhound Trust in Sheffield

    • Editor says:

      I help out at our local rescue centre in Cornwall which rehomes all types of dogs, not just greyhounds. One of our greyhounds came from there but our others came from the RGT Cornwall branch. Aren’t they just the most fabulous dogs?! 🙂

  2. Helen says:

    This is a great site! We have a rescued greyhound who we’ve just had to leave for 2 weeks with friends while we go overseas for work. Now we know we can’t do any travelling without taking him with us so this site will help a lot. I am worried about getting him from Australia to Europe but it wouldn’t be for a quick trip and so we would definitely want to bring him (probably travelling for a year or so).

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