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Dog travels 2010


Having had such a brilliant time in France last year, we decided to do it all again this year. We couldn’t face Scotland again – it rained every day the last time we visited and, living in Cornwall, we get enough rain and fog without looking for it when we’re on holiday! Working in a school meant that we had a full six weeks of potential France travels, but in the dreaded August. How busy would it be? Would France in August be too hot for the dogs? Where would we stay? Could we afford the high season campsite prices? Just a bunch of new things for me to worry about!

Where to now?!

Where to now?!


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  1. kate says:

    great site – thanks for all your work it really is good to read all the details. that is where your worrying comes in useful! I am the same and worry about everything while my husband shrugs and says it will be ok. but I do prepare for every eventuality and sometimes it helps. So, although it is horrible to lie awake thinking about imaginary scenarios it is also useful and here on this site you are making it useful for other people too. so, thank you.
    i am about to travel down to Spain in my camper van, in mid December, with my two border collies. The older one is 15 and has always lived in Cornwall. We are going to live in SPain – I have been there on and off for the last two years. Lots of room for worry! that’s why I am awake at this hour and looking for information on the internet. All the best Kate

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